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Look in the Windows™ — a stARTling Public Space™ project was founded by kHyal of fiZz Agency, MegaGlam and SECTION; and incubated with Karl Heine of creativeplacement, SoNo Spaces and DesignerJournals. kHyal and Karl have developed storefront projects and events together for over a decade and have been hired by municipalities, non-profits, universities, arts organizations and private clients to invigorate and educate audiences while stimulating local economies with economic development initiatives.

LOOK in the Windows was a curated international public art project installed in the storefront of Heine’s talent agency at 13 North Main Street in South Norwalk, CT, where the team branded and launched a coworking space in 2010 as “SoNo Spaces” and that Heine manages independently.

kHyal, an internationally exhibited artist, designer, and curator had been creating art installations in Heine’s storefront for years and suggested to Heine that they give other artists the opportunity. A pioneer of technology-based and experiential installation art in the 80s, kHyal also worked commercially with the team at Metropolitan interactive on the experiential design systems installed throughout the new Whitney Museum of American Art in 2015. She is an expert in on-demand textile and apparel printing and an established creator of wearable art and has developed a unique position in her work that explores the notion of art for, and about, the burgeoning international art fair markets including Art Basel. kHyal’s art and apparel have been featured in T — The New York Times style magazine, on NBC News and Fox News, in Trillionaire, Art Forum, Nylon, The Wall Street Journal and numerous other media outlets. And, was chosen by former America’s Top Model judge, Kelly Cutrone, as a runway favorite in an art fashion show curated and produced by Cutrone. kHyal’s product line, some in collaboration with Heine’s DesignerJournals company, has been sold in P!Q stores in Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center in New York, Universal Walk in Orlando, and Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas; as well as New York Comic-Con. In 2016, she was selected by the technology company Meural for a solo show of her digital work at the Con Artist Collective on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, which helped spark the idea for LOOK in the Windows.

MegaGlam SO1O Show at Con Artist Collective x Meural • NYC
kHyal™ with LOOK in the Windows co-conspirator, Karl Heine
(Photo: ©Brandon Wisecarver )

Look in the Windows™ — January • kHyal A/K/A MegaGlam — Art, Design and Fashion (Photo: ©Karl Heine)

MegaGlam Art, Design and Fashion by kHyal™

LOOK in the Windows featured an all-star cast of international talent. The installations were primarily digital, using the Meural Canvases procured through the company’s artist program, some included analog installations and physical art and products, depending on the artist.

The exhibitions were exclusive to this program and only shown in our installation in SoNo and later in our publication about the year-long program celebrating the artists involved.

Read the entire kick-off press release here.


Lorien Stern

Lorien Stern

Mark Gmehling

Mark Gmehling

Iris Ray


Shinji Murakami

Alexandra Dewez

Alex Dewez

MAY: Irina A. Weiss,
A/K/A Sugarbombing


Con Artist Collective

Con Artist Collective



Genevieve Gauckler

Genevieve Gauckler

MARCH: Carole Guevin, A/K/A CGWAREX


creativeplacement is a talent agency located in Manhattan and Connecticut placing top talent in the design, packaging, advertising, and interactive marketplace. For more information, visit

fiZz Agency is a boutique communication design and PR firm that specializes in local and global brand marketing and product launches in Cybersecurity, FinTech, Technology, Renewable Energy, Climatology, Healthcare, Wellness, Education and Sustainable Design.

MegaGlam is a fresh, future-focused creative studio producing art, illustration, surface, product, and fashion design. Exhibited in galleries and museums, and sold in stores in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boston, Providence, San Francisco, Chicago, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, and beyond.

SoNo Spaces was, by many years, the only coworking space in South Norwalk, CT. Founded in 2011, its two locations at 13 North Main Street and 23 South Main Street in downtown SoNo include over 7,000 square feet of private offices, coworking, conference rooms, and indoor event space. Amenities include kitchens, conference rooms, off-street parking, outdoor event space, WiFi and 24/7 access.

PUSH workshops is an ongoing series of handcrafted workshops, salons, and events developed to expand the learning opportunities of creative professionals at every stage in their careers founded by Karl Heine and kHyal in 2007.

SECTION is an art, design, fashion, culture, and technology magazine that publishes original content and supplies private label content to other media outlet clients.

Meural Netgear builds technology to democratize art, bringing the world of art into homes across the world. Using a proprietary blend of hardware, firmware, and software that renders each image vivid, lifelike, and textured, combined with elegant craftsmanship applied to FSC certified, sustainably harvested wood, Meural delivers an organic and lifelike art-viewing experience.

Con Artist Collective was an artist community, creative co-working space, and gallery in New York City, encouraging collaboration and inspiring imagination, and the location where Meural incubated and launched. It was founded by Brian Shevlin, along with Lazy Susan Gallery.

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