We cut our teeth on the art of branding with the great, late Bill Wondriska, working on projects for corporate giants, cutting-edge biotech firms and renown cultural institutions including the MFA Boston. In exchange for this amazing education, we founded the New Media division of WondriskaRusso in the 90s, and won them an AIGA BoNE award for website design.

Designer Peter Good of Cummings&Good, called Bill, “A protean designer who influenced a legion of designers with his brilliant, contemporary, surprising and imaginative work.”

Since those days we have developed new visual identities for dozens of companies, and worked on rebranding assignments for organizations of all sizes. Our approach to design is timeless relevance — visual identities that stand but don’t become dated. Nerds in the original sense, research and strategy are the backbone of all we do.


Many people ask about my name. My full legal name is “kHyal.” Am I like Prince? No. Am I like Madonna? No. Both Prince and Madonna have first, middle and last names — and, they are celebrities. As a young adult, I changed my name from “Kyle Braun” to “kHyal.” I also added a trademark and created a logo. That was sixteen years before the term “personal branding” was coined by Tom Peters. Granted, my parents didn’t get it at first, but they’re almost used to it now.


You may notice I say “we” a lot throughout this website. It’s a focus on collaborative thinking and co-creation. And, because I often build teams for specific projects, or become one with my clients. Although I have been a partner in several growing startups and a creative economy employer — fiZz Agency is a consultancy, and primarily run by yours truly. So when I say “we” — I mean “us” — not the “royal we” that sits high atop a throne, or waves to the public from a float in some fancy parade. We are the “we” that roll up our sleeves to help individuals and organizations achieve their purpose-driven goals.

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