We partner with cybersecurity companies on strategic marketing projects.


Recruited to the team that rebuilt Prisma Cloud’s marketing as it rose to a CNAPP Leader, our work included:

Growth Marketing Strategy

Content Audit and Gap Analysis

Campaign Management

Copywriting and Editing:

      • messaging frameworks
      • websites
      • landing pages
      • events
      • webinars
      • digital ad campaigns
      • paid / organic social
      • email nurture campaigns
      • sales plays

C-Level Executive Communications:

      • video scripts
      • proposals and profiles
      • speaking engagement and public appearance strategy, tactics, and recommendations
      • wrote a winning essay that resulted in a top executive receiving an industry-wide CRO Award


We helped Akamai launch its biggest marketing campaign of all time. Then, we were invited back to assist with digital strategy and tier-one content development for a new website.


First invited to contribute to Bitdefender’s Consumer Private Insights Community during COVID-19, we provided critical feedback on remote work and WFH challenges to help discover unmet cybersecurity needs.

Bitdefender Expert Community V2.0

Tasked to research and define an updated digital marketing strategy to grow, educate, and retain members of Bitdefender’s nascent online support community, we developed a playbook for tier-one creative direction and content development for omnichannel tactical execution linked to strategic KPIs. Key success metrics included fostering engagement, improving UX/CX, and reducing traditional customer service and tech support costs for the current community of over 180,000 users.

Recruited to the Advisory Board in 2020 to help redefine the future of consumer cybersecurity products, we remain an ongoing top contributor.


When tech unicorn Datto, now a Kaseyo company, aimed to enliven their employee handbook and take it online, we were hired for a complete rewrite. Our blend of eye-catching headlines and human-friendly explainer copy did not obstruct the required legalese but broke it down into a more digestible, readable, enjoyable, and effective document. Our work with the VP of Human Resources and CFO was a brave experiment on both sides that helped relay critical information to tech pros with short attention spans and limited time in an unprecedented format.

As Datto evolved from a mass storage company to a more security-focused entity, they invited us back to consult on their new general website copy.

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