Nancy May
President and CEO, The BoardBench Companies, LLC
“I hired kHyal to improve the image and branding for one of our BoardBench webinar and conference presentations. Her recommendations were excellent and the final product was professional, crisp, and reinforced the information presented. The conference organizers were impressed with the redesign, and a competitor who was in the audience admitted that it was much more engaging than his delivery in the follow on conference seminars.”

Diana Evans
Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Centerplate
“kHyal came recommended from a trusted colleague, and was able to create a silk purse from a sow’s ear, very quickly and on a tight budget. With limited content and little direct oversight, she brought the project to life in an engaging and professional-looking website, tied in to our digital marketing and email platforms, and turned over clean production files before our deadline. Fastest, easiest high-quality outcome ever!”

Clifford Wildes
Managing Member/Founder of Triad Capital LLC
“I have worked with kHyal in two companies, Microtech International, and Sunstar Interactive, and known her for over 25 years. She is one of the most accomplished, intelligent, professional, creative and talented people I have ever known or worked with. I would highly recommend kHyal as someone with the highest level of talent and creativity. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Monica Herrington
Account Group Director, Keiler Advertising
“kHyal brings a fresh, contemporary perspective to everything she does. She makes her clients really stretch to discover great creative ideas and expressions. I’m a big fan!”

Judith Ward
Acosta Sales & Marketing/Hunter Straker
“I chose to work with kHyal on several occasions over the past years and I’m sure I will choose to work with her in the future. She is an expert in her field from traditional marketing execution to digital design, SEO and integration. kHyal is masterful in developing strategies that work, along with execution that is flawless and timely. It is always a pleasure to work with kHyal.”

Joanna MacKenzie
Founder, Mackenzie Consultants
“I worked with kHyal to develop my professional website and logo. I am extremely happy with the results. After only one brief initial conversation, she was able to translate my personality and company offer into a highly creative, yet professional, image. I continue to have compliments on both the beautiful logo and website. She is a very intuitive, communicative, competent, and inspiring person. A true pleasure to work with.”

Michelle Margo
Executive Director, The Riedel & Cody Fund
“I worked with kHyal when she consulted on many creative projects for The Riedel & Cody Fund. She was an integral part of building the marketing infrastructure during the early stages of the company. Her broad expertise and extremely creative approach made her a real asset to the team. kHyal was able to incorporate traditional and digital marketing to produce an outstanding product for each project. With an incredible attention to detail and time management, we could be confident that deadlines would always be met. As a team player, kHyal is very personable and is a master at dealing with many different personalities – a pleasure to work with!”

Mary Ann Nepa
Creative Services, Pitney Bowes
“kHyal is a true professional. She has the attention to detail needed to successfully manage complex, high-level projects. I have worked with her on a near daily basis on specific projects and was always impressed by her professional and extremely creative approach to her work.”

Melissa Evans
Founder, Zen Web Services | IT Programmer & Analyst, Pace University
“kHyal brings organization and business sense to the creative process. We have worked together on large, complex website projects spanning over two years, and smaller sites for brands and agencies. kHyal provides leadership, project management, creative direction and branding expertise to successfully deploy client initiatives on time and within budget perimeters. I highly recommend kHyal and look forward to working with her again.”

Linda Miller Wiseman
Chief Growth Officer at Simione Healthcare Consultants
“kHyal is a highly creative force who really listens to her clients and blends her unique talents with the client’s goals to achieve results. She has always produced exceptional work for me with high attention to detail and very timely completion. She has a special ability to bring clients out of their comfort zone to explore creative options that will set them apart in their own market or industry. If you are tired of your messaging and overall presentation themes, kHyal will bring a lot to the table to help you re-energize your efforts!”

Kate Southon
Pitney Bowes, United Kingdom
“kHyal is an outstanding find! It’s rare to find someone who is highly creative AND organised AND so personable – a pleasure to work with.”

Christina Hagopian
President, Creative Director, Hagopian Ink.
“kHyal is one of the most uniquely creative people I know in a very deep creative circle. Her expertise and knowledge spans a wide breadth of capabilities including illustration, copywriting, creative direction, branding, social media and more. KHyal is extremely active in the NYC/New England/global design community and stays current on all the latest trends, technology and industry standards. When we collaborated on copy development for my business she immediately exceeded expectations for deliverables and was a true collaborator. I look forward to working together again.”

Kim Hurley
Associate Creative Director, Ryan Partnership
“I have had the pleasure of knowing kHyal for many years, and my respect for her grows with every interaction. In the creative arena, she is what’s called a “double-threat” – she’s a talented art director and a skilled copywriter. She can work in any medium – print, digital – or she’ll make her own. (Her talents transcend words, graphics and pixels, and extend into sculpture, fashion design and photography among others.) Whenever I have brought her in as a service provider, I know she is going to deliver ground-breaking thinking and stunning design, usually with a dash of technology and pop-culture. And it’s not “creative for the sake of being creative.” She’s always rooted in strategy, and guided by the brief – but she doesn’t allow herself to be limited by it. kHyal tirelessly searches for another answer, a different approach, an innovative way to deliver. In fact, I know she has made me push myself harder, go deeper, think smarter. Working with kHyal just makes you want to BE A BETTER CREATIVE.”

James Craig
Vice President, Operations, NETS/NETS India
“When you want the best.”

Fern Pessin
Director of Special Events, Stamford Hospital Foundation
“kHyal has an ‘out-of-the-box’ way of looking at projects culminating in creative and innovative solutions that capture viewers/readers/users attention. Brainstorming and conceptualizing campaigns with kHyal was always the most enjoyable part of any project.”

Brian Charlonis
Global Senior User Experience Consultant, Cognizant Technology Solutions
“I really enjoyed having kHyal on the team.She manages her time extremely well to stay a head of deadlines and thinks ahead to collaborate with the team to avoid pitfalls. She’s focused on delivering a good product and will take the extra step to make that happen. I value team players who are dedicated to a successful project. kHyal is very personable and gets along with everyone around her, a real asset when working on large projects. She’s extremely creative and I’m sure everyone has said that about her. One of her many strengths is with combining creativity and technology. I strongly recommend kHyal and look forward to working with her again.”

Michelle (Bambino) Fusco
Director of Marketing, Western Connecticut Health Network
“One aspect of good marketing is being able to come up with creative, refreshing ways to re invigorate a brand and the promise people come looking for. kHyal is the answer. I don’t like to ask for help when I think I’m capable of leading the way, but kHyal is like the godsend of fresh ideas. There is knowledge, thought and personalization every time. She’s like the winning lotto ticket. Wicked smart, and quite frankly, ingenious. I explain and she gets it. Her intuition gets me where I want to go. She takes the time to research on her own, translate that into ideas and concepts, and she wows me. Sometimes I feel as though she knows more about what I need then I do. It’s amazing. Who has the creative vision, ability to copy write and the sense to put it all together? It’s very rare, it’s a gem. It’s kHyal.”

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