MegaGlam™ is the umbrella brand for kHyal’s product design, fashion design, illustration and art.

MegaGlam was launched to overarch kHyal’s character design explosion and the product lines of art, design and fashion they have spawned since 2010, when she first created the leader of the pack — a pink, mischievous weather-loving squirrel aptly named The Weather sKwirl.

kHyal drew a comic featuring The Weather sKwirl™ every single day for two years straight. The original blog can be found HERE.

MegaGlam also includes lifestyle sub brands Super Fake Cult™, I Do What I Want™ and CakePony™ representing kHyal’s signature individualist nature and colorful style.

kHyal blurs the lines of where commercial products and design meld with fashion and art, as explained HERE.


“I love your self portraits.”

— Jerry Saltz,  during 2nd callback for reality show “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist” casting by Bravo, NYC

“Love your work! #funfunfun”

— @gapingvoid

“A tour de force. kHyal is an innovator impervious to boundaries.”

— Kari Britta Lorenson, KnotWe, NYC

“Always authentic, original and ABSOLUTE KHYAL!!”

— Henry Boxer, Henry Boxer Gallery, London

“kHyal: artist? designer? her life is art, her life is design.”

— Solange Guez, Solange Guez Arte Contemporáneo, Buenos Aires

“Completely original.”

— Frank Maresca, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, NYC

“Fashion fearlessness …”

— Phil Birbaum, The Spectacled, Los Angeles

“Amazing, the way a variety of artistic disciplines — fine art, fashion, street art, etc. — find their way into your practice of creating great designs!”

— Terri C. Smith, Franklin Street Works

To view some of kHyal’s RECENT ART, head on over to kHyland –> HERE.

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