“Creative Placemints” win CADC Awards

JUNE 2013 | The CADC Awards Show 2013

We partnered with creativeplacement as the writing partner to create Creative Placemints, a refreshing promotion which won SILVER and EXCELLENCE awards in the Connecticut Art Directors Club annual competition.

See the entire promotion on the Creative Placemints website.

CADC Awards Creative Placemints

Creativity Comes in Small Packages

NOVEMBER 2012 | Felt & Wire

Felt & Wire Creative Placemints

How was the idea for the Creative Placemints tins born?
The promotion was created specifically for our 25th anniversary in the creative placement business, which is officially in spring 2013. I was kicking around ideas with a client for fun. I wanted to come up with a clever way to promote “creativeplacement” using a play on words. I came up with “creativeplacemints” and “creativeplacemats,” but didn’t want to use a generic product from a promotional company and stick our logo on it.

kHyal and I worked on the project together in what we call “individual collaboration.” We explore concepts on our own, then merge our ideas. kHyal’s focus was copy, branding, web design and sustainability issues. I worked on the design, typography and production.

How did the tins find their way into the hands of conference-goers?
Luckily, the opportunity to participate at the conference came after we were under way with the promotion. We placed a tin on every seat of the main auditorium during the kickoff event with Debbie Millman and Brian Collins, and we had a small booth in the main exhibit area where we handed tins out. We also produced a promo postcard that was included in The Dieline swag bags. It mentioned the mint giveaway at our booth and a special offer that we incorporated into our referral program.

In addition to the tins and the postcard, you designed a website as part of the promotion. Why?CreativePlacemints.com involved a three-part strategy. We wanted to create a packaging promotion showcasing earth-friendly processes and materials, impart a sense of cleverness and humor, and launch our new rewards program for referrals. The program rewards people who refer a candidate that we place in a fulltime job…with an iPad, iPhone or lynda.com subscription.

How did you decide to use Mohawk paper for the cards inside the tins?
It started with the idea of adding an insert card to identify our partners and processes. The Mohawk Via felt insert connects the audience with the website to allow direct access to all of the project’s fabricators and creators. Our print specialist Jeff Appel thought that, based on our aesthetics, a textured, eco-friendly stock would work best, and contrast with the other smooth finishes on the tin and labels. It was also important to us that all components of the project were produced in the U.S.A.

Tell me about the label on the top of the tin.
We wanted to achieve a modern feel with a retro twist. The talented Gerard Huerta did the hand lettering for the labels, which are digitally printed with a copper foil transfer. You can find out more about production here.

What can we expect to see next from creativeplacements?
kHyal and I recently did a soft launch of Thrilling Projects, a new brand identity to highlight and encapsulate the many projects we’ve worked on together that don’t fall under a specific category of our current creative business models. The website will be up and running by January 2013. The most recent “thrilling project” we worked on was a strategic marketing promotion assignment for the Designers & Books Fair at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York during late October.

kHyal and Karl Studio

Karl Heine and kHyal. Photo: ©Tyler Jayson 2012.

creativeplacement places top talent throughout the greater New York metro area and key locations throughout the country. Approaching 25 years of creative recruitment and management experience—the company has developed what it calls “a highly effectual talent evaluation method”—creativeplacment ensures perfect matches for candidates and clients.

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Packaging A Talent Agency

Creative Placemints Packaging Design Magazine

Posted: November 1, 2012 by Steve Werblow

Here’s a daunting challenge: Walk into a room full of creative professionals—including the top designers in the packaging industry and the people who hire them—and make a splash.  While you’re at it, make sure the gift you hand them tells the story of your company and demonstrates your commitment to quality and sustainability. You have eight seconds to make a great impression. Go.

Karl Heine, with his wife and partner, kHyal, mastered that challenge at the most recent How Design Live, handing out tins of “Creative Placemints” in a refreshing bid to celebrate 25 years in business and promote his talent placement agency Creativeplacement.
The promotion—a run of 1,000 palm-size boxes—drew recipients into a world of touch, smell and taste. Every tin sports a clever phrase by kHyal, and the promise of long-lasting, refreshing talent to the vow to provide as many servings as needed to prospective clients, was a witty reflection on the company.

Most important, every element of the project, from the recycled tin boxes to the candy inside, reflected Heine and kHyal’s commitment to sustainability.

Accurate representation

The Creativeplacement team has a long and deep commitment to sustainability. kHyal, who owns a boutique marketing and design communication firm called fiZz Agency, recently completed a program in sustainability at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. That commitment is reflected in all aspects of the Creative Placemints promotion.

“Everything we did had some sort of recycled or sustainable component,” says Heine. That complicated the process and increased the price tag, he admits, but allowed the giveaway to more accurately represent the company.
“I wasn’t a believer in, ‘let’s do this for the cheapest price possible and let’s throw in some candy,’” Heine notes.  All components, right down to the organic iced mango mint candies from Hillside Candy in New Jersey, were made in the U.S.
Beyond sustainability, Creative Placemints had to exude quality and attention to detail from top to bottom.  “If things weren’t produced to a certain level of specificity, it wouldn’t work as a concept,” Heine says.

Tickling the senses
Chefs often note that “the first taste of a great dish is with the eyes,” and Creative Placemints are no exception. The hand-lettered top label by world renowned designer Gerard Huerta—the letterform artist who designed AC/DC’s iconic lightning-bolt logotype, as well as familiar fonts for Pepsi, Nabisco and AdWeek, among others—oozes Beaux Arts sophistication. Geometric embellishments link the design elements to each other and tie vintage elegance with a modern design sensibility. Copper foil highlights glow over chocolate and mango drop shadows, popping the design right off the deep, black label that’s a perfect match for the matte black, recycled tin box from Container & Packaging Supply.

The label feels as rich as it looks. Part of the sensation is the embossed feel of the hot-stamped foil. The other secret ingredient is the TerraSkin face stock, a material made from ground stone—primarily waste marble, limestone and other scrap construction material—and a touch of HDPE.

TerraSkin has a lush, rich feel and its ultra-smooth surface takes ink beautifully to deliver razor-sharp graphics and even lay-down.

But beyond the look and feel of the material, Heine says TerraSkin’s eco-friendly pedigree resonated with him back when he was designing a non-paper journal with waterproof pages. The material is produced without bleaches or acids, and even without water, he notes. Manufacturing TerraSkin consumes less than half the amount of energy required to produce paper. Exposed to UV light and humidity for a few months, TerraSkin even breaks back down to its original constituents: 80% stone dust and a small amount of nontoxic resin.

Digital press provides flexibility
Through New York’s Design and Source, the makers of TerraSkin, Heine found the team at Logotech, which had perfected the art of printing on the material. Logotech ran the labels on its HP Indigo w4050, which allowed the team to produce the labels economically in a short run with zero dot gain and pinpoint control over colors. Precision Label handled the copper foil stamping, and Green Earth Enterprises printed an insert card on Mohawk Via Felt cover stock that was slipped inside every box.

“The nice thing about digital format is that they could adjust it—they could bring the label to its final potential right there,” says Heine, who went to Logotech  to supervise the production. We would look at the label and say, ‘that’s a little too much yellow.’ In the old days, you’d have to change plates. You’d be there two days instead of two minutes.

That’s refreshing.

Creative Placemints on The Dieline

SEPTEMBER 2012 | The Dieline: Packaging a Talent Agency

The Dieline Creative Placemints

“We’ve always loved humor in marketing and advertising, industries we’ve placed many talented creative professionals in over the last 25 years. And, we’re not immune to playing with words ourselves. So we bring you, creativeplacemints, a delicious play on words we hope you’ll share and enjoy.

A stylish retro feel with a modern twist, our illustrative packaging is a tribute to designers of the past and a gift to creatives that care about earth-friendly practices. The labels: stone (tree-less) paper. The insert card: 100% PCW wind power recycled paper. The mints: handmade, USDA certified organic, gluten-free, no artificial colors or flavors. The tins: new and recycled steel. The taste: 100% refreshing. All parts and pieces were produced in the USA”


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