The Weather sKwirl featured on Inhabitat

OCTOBER 2011 | Inhabitat

A Better World by Design Expo Showcases Creative Innovation
by Amanda Coen

For kids or those with a more playful taste, a series of colorful, fun characters by kHyal form the The Weather Skwirl collection. The creatures are made of recycled plexiglass one at a time in Manhattan.

A Better World by Design Expo

Image © Amanda Silvana Coen for Inhabitat

The conference is collaboratively organized by Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design students and brings together the world’s leading minds in social entrepreneurship and design. At this year’s Expo, Zambikes presented their light-weight bamboo bicycle produced in Zambia. The company has grown exponentially since its founding in 2007 and revenues have been re-invested in local, rural communities. The young company has produced the Zambulance (bicycle ambulance trailer) and Zamcart (cargo trailer). The Zambulance aids in transporting the sick from remote locations to hospitals and the Zamcart was designed for the farming community, marketeers and small businesses and can carry up to 250 kilograms.

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