Hasbro’s 2nd Annual Project Upcycle Event

JULY 29, 2011 | Hasbro’s 2nd Annual Project Upcycle Event

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We were judges at Hasbro’s Project Upcycle Event — and, designed the Grand Prize awards.

kHyal and Karl at Hasbro Upcycle Awards
kHyal and Karl Heine, Project Upcycle  judges and award designers.
Photo: ©Lee Moody 2011.

Hasbro Upcycle Award Design

Hasbro Project Upcycle

She Takes on the World, Style Saturday with kHyal

JULY 9, 2011 | She Takes on the World

Style Saturday: One Woman’s Story About Following Her Passion for Sustainable Fashion Design
By: kHyal — guest blogger


Photo by kHyal: Wet Suit Jacket made of reclaimed scuba suit
(Mistaken for Christian Lacroix by sales associate in SoHo fashion boutique in 2008)

Vintage fashion sings to me. It began when I was a child, starting with hand-me-downs from a grammar school neighbor — to buying 1940s sweaters for a quarter each from a local thrift shop while in middle school. I didn’t realize at the time that I was recycling, as sustainability wasn’t in my vocabulary or in the minds of many Americans.

Later, in college, I studied fashion — in the post-hippie but pre official eco-friendly era. My retro taste led me to commerce by hunting and gathering fine vintage apparel out of piles of used clothing at the Dollar-A-Pound in Cambridge. I shopped primarily for myself, but would pick specific high-end pieces to sell to Newbury Street shops in downtown Boston at a nice student-supporting profit.

Somewhere in the 2000s — I officially launched kHyal Kouture — one-of-a-kind upcycled apparel and accessories created from vintage and reclaimed textiles and other materials. I also designed and wrote a branded monthly feature in a lifestyle magazine called kHyal Kouture — featuring tips for tricking out your wardrobe using reclaimed pieces. This tied into my life-long series of fashion related photographic self-portraits and accessories.

In 2011, I was delighted to find that my personal passion and hybrid conceptual projects based on the whims of my aesthetic taste is now a pilot program at FIT called the Sustainable Design Entrepreneur Certificate. I enrolled myself last spring and it’s introduced me to a rich community of like — but different — others. A place to refine one’s thinking on how to carve out a personal and professional stylish and sustainable future. Isn’t that what we all want?

kHyal Kouture Fashion and Style

kHyal Kouture Fashion and Style column

kHyal Kouture Fashion and Style

kHyal Kouture Fashion and Style column


Axe Me Later by kHyal

Axe Me Later
(Fashion axe-cessory made with reclaimed axe and vintage rhinestones)


 Described by FIT
 — The Sustainable Design Entrepreneurs Certificate Program provides designers with the knowledge, tools and resources to operate sustainable businesses. A core curriculum with a choice of three tracks — Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Interior Design — will empower you to assist clients in meeting sustainability goals and supply chain requirements.

For more information — visit FIT.

kHyal™ is an award-winning designer and the principal of fiZz, a boutique digital marketing strategy and communication design firm based in Bridgeport and Brooklyn. She also creates one-of-a-kind garments under the name kHyal Kouture using reclaimed and vintage textiles, as well as fashion-based fine art. kHyal is the co-founder of PUSH Workshops, DesignerGrill, and PUSH Design Camp— and the creator of The Weather sKwirl™.

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