The Weather sKwirl featured on Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut

SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 | Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut


Connecticut’s Weather sKwirl™

Sure there’s Puxatawny Phil, but Connecticut has The Weather sKwirl. It’s so much cooler then that groundhog and knows how to predict the weather on its own, it doesn’t need a shadow to tell it what to do. Yes, this is the proper way to spell his  name. Yes, it’s a guy and he’s pink.

His creator is kHyal of Bridgeport, Connecticut who is a brilliant designer of so many things, I don’t even know where to start and she loves the weather and creating characters, so it was a natural that the sKwirl would come to life.

I have told kHyal, to the left here, that sKwirl will become her “Andy Warhol” creation, that it will become every bit as popular as the Campbell Soup can creation or his Marilyn Monroe.

sKwirl was born early in 2010.  I visited KHyal and her designer husband, Karl around that time and she was talking about sKwirl. Here is the Network Connecticut post I did at the time. Since that interview with KHyal and Karl I have made it a point to get next to as many creatives as is humanly possible, because they see the world a little differently, probably like me. I have found that along with being a dedicated story teller, I too am a creative and feel so comfortable in their company.

Ann Nyberg

I asked kHyal is she would pose me with sKwirl after I saw him riding onthe back of “Butch” the Vizsla. Butch is owned by Gary Choronzy who is a website designer and professional geek and owner of Connecticut Websites.

sKwirl joins a whole host of kHyal’s characters which are so much fun. A huge thank you, kHyal for letting me spend some time with sKwirl, a big treat indeed.

See the full story here.

fiZz Client Work Featured on NPR’s “Where We Live”


Project Storefronts on NPR

fiZz recently completed the identity and signage for Project Storefronts in New Haven. kHyal and Karl Heine are also participants in New Haven’s City Wide Open Studios within Project Storefronts space at 71 Orange Street during the weekend of 9/24-9/26. Look for their DesignerGrill pop-up store, or check out their online store at DesignerGrill.

Here’s part of the scoop on National Public Radio:

Where We Live: Project Storefronts Gets Creative
 In downtown New Haven, working to inspire commerce and creativity

The economic downturn means more empty storefronts in city centers.  But in New Haven, some folks are getting creative.

A new initiative called Project Storefronts is revitalizing a section of New Haven by turning vacant storefronts into temporary artist galleries and sites for creative technology

Today we’ll stroll through the old United Way space in the Ninth Square and check in with some of these “creative entrepreneurs” as they launch their innovative ventures.  We’ll visit a curated bookstore of locally made artist books, a “pop up gallery,” a store selling goods made entirely of recycled materials, and a collaborative “co-working” space that offers work space and interactive events to bring creative thinkers and artists together to foster more social enterprises.

We’ll also hear from the mayor of New Britain about some of his plans to spruce up a section of his “Main Street.”  Our interview is part of a project with Central Connecticut State University and the public radio project, “Mapping Main Street.

See the full article here.

Image: ©NPR 2010

In the Feedback Loop: Minding the binding

SEPTEMBER 14, 2010 | Felt & Wire blog

In the Feedback Loop: Minding the binding

Felt and Wire

[Alyson Kuhn] If you bought a full set of the Feedback Loop notebooks, you probably would not choose to arrange them by binding technique. But the kuhnfiguration above allows us to make some observations about the variety of binding techniques deployed by the letterpress printers participating in this project, which benefits the School: By Design initiative. Think of this as my spinal analysis!

Feedback Loop

Spiral binding received the most “votes” from the printers, with a big handful of them selecting this practical (and automated!) technique. We note that Smart & Wiley got smarty and arty with the wiro on their notebook (second from left in the above photo). I don’t know how they did it, but I like it. Directly to its right, the seemingly “shorty” is actually the top edge of Flywheel Press’s notebook, which is the super-robusto (128 pages) on the shelf. The hotsy pink spiral (in the next photo directly below) is Fizz’s notebook, complete with coordinating Weather sKwirl. The letterpress-printed sKwirl on the cover is eyeing the charm … which is just out of reach.

Felt and Wire

Read the full article on Felt & Wire.

Bridgeport starts TV campaign

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 | Fairfield County Business Journal

Bridgeport starts TV campaign

Ryan Doran

In an attempt to re-spin its image and draw more visitors from other areas of Connecticut, Bridgeport has started a new campaign, “Surprise, It’s Bridgeport.”

The first sighting of what is a $350,000 advertising program features a minute-long commercial in which elements of an unnamed city are listed. The city is finally revealed as Bridgeport by Mayor Bill Finch standing in waders and fly fishing at Beardsley Park in the Pequonnock River.

“Bridgeport, I think needs some good news and Bridgeport needs to rally around what it’s proud of,” Finch said. “We always need people coming here and spending money in our city. This is a general ad to improve the image of the city and give people some reasons to be proud.”

The video, a professional work to be sure, shows tourist attractions, including the zoo, the Bridgeport Bluefish baseball team and Captain’s Cove Marina.

President and creative director of Fizz in Bridgeport, kHyal (whose name is trademarked) said Bridgeport is a city with a lot of culture that has struggled with its image for a long time. She said there is a large artistic community in Bridgeport that sees the city as “Connecticut’s Brooklyn,” speaking in reference to the New York City borough’s well-known cultural and commercial revival.

According to Bridgeport City Hall the city has not released a self promotion campaign for 12 years, since Joseph Ganim was mayor.

Paul Timpanelli, president and CEO of the Bridgeport Regional Business Council, which is paying $100,000 of the cost said Bridgeport invested $240,000 in the campaign, which will run for a month and a half on Comcast and Cablevision television services that reach about one-third of the state.

The video’s production, the $108,000 worth of airtime purchased and print-media buy, was contracted to Bob Abbate Marketing in Bridgeport and Southport-based Turbine advertising company.

Timpanelli, who had been working on the campaign for three months, said the mayor’s office sees it as vital to people within the region to think differently about Bridgeport, as a place that has positive things happening, and positive attributes.

“Many people here are the early settlers,” kHyal said. “It’s certainly not Brooklyn yet but this is something that a lot of people see and are starting to see. There’s a lot of opportunity.”

An American Institute of Graphic Arts award-winning designer and creative director, kHyal, said Bridgeport’s burgeoning creative culture is suddenly part of a popular trend in culture with urban creativeness at its center.

“That’s always been here but now that its trendy there are more possibilities now,” kHyal said.

“There’s more commercial application to the creative views, and much of what we have here already in Bridgeport. I think the new advertising did a good job on touching on that.”

She called the recent video campaign by the city a baby step in the right direction for the image of Bridgeport.

“You have to put yourself out there,” kHyal said. “That’s a great first step, now we have to live up to it. There is a large barrier between Fairfield’s Post Road and the Black Rock side. We have to get the buying population over that hurdle if we want the commerce to come here.”

According to kHyal education is another major component to the future of the city.

“We have a major university, University of Bridgeport here that has a new technology incubator program,” kHyal said. “There is a lot of potential with space here for businesses and technology startups to grow.”

See the full article on the Fairfield County Business Journal website.

Weather sKwirl notebooks on Design Taxi

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010 | Design Taxi

Bring Design to Underprivileged Youths with These Notebooks

Feedback Loop

Do you compulsively splurge on designer stationery, even when you have stacks of unused notebooks lying around the room? This Feedback Loop project by Design Ignites Change will give you a better reason to buy those fancy notebooks.

The project is a collaboration between design firm World Studio Inc and Mohawk Fine Papers, and each of these notebooks are designed by letterpress artist Jason McDaniel. Inspired by an antique French botanical fieldbook, the limited edition notebooks cost US$15 each.

All of the proceeds from the project will go to the youth design initiative, School: by Design, an initiative to help mentor underprivileged youths aspiring to be designers.

fiZz on Heart Fish

SEPTEMBER 8th, 2010 | Heart Fish blog

The Feedback Loop Notebook Project

Heart Fish Blog Header

Just wanted to share this exciting letterpress project launching today… The Feedback Loop Notebook Project.

Twenty-five leading letterpress printers were asked to create fifty unique notebooks. They could do whatever they wanted. Their limited edition books will be sold on Felt & Wire Shop, in a special storefront, with 100% of the proceeds going to Design Ignites Change, to support their School: by Design youth mentorship program.

Also a catalyst for change, Mohawk Fine Papers donated the paper; and the printers could pick any stock they wanted (!) from the Mohawk Loop paper line.

How cool, right? Each notebook is so unique and one of a kind, I don’t know which one I should get… here are some photos, but you should definitely check out all 25 designs here! Some are not just letterpressed, but also, die cut and bound differently.

Here are a list of amazing printers:

Jenni Undi, Lunalux, • Jason McDaniel, Owner/Creative Director, Missing Q Press, • Matthew Kelsey, Printer, MK Printer, • Christine Schneider, The Petite Press, • Karl Heine, Designer Journals, http://www.designerjournals.comkHyal, fiZz Agency, • Lindy Sinclair, Rohner Letterpress, • Jeremy Peterson, Matter, • David Wolske, Smart & Wiley, • Jeff Macklin, Owner/Printer, Jackson Creek Press, • Brittany Skwierczynski, • Mick Hodgson, PhD, • Colleen Walsh, Cleanwash Letterpress, • Michael Dacey, Repeat Press, • Toni Hung, Praxium Press, • Rajshel Juhan, Jane Hancock Papers, • Allison Chapman, Igloo Letterpress, • Emily Martin, Orange Beautiful, • Amber Ellis-Seguine, Fly Wheel Press, • Natalie Lakhan, Amuse-Toi Bien, • Tony Zanni, Dock 2 Letterpress, • Catherine Realce, Visualchemist, • Kseniya Thomas, Thomas-Printers, • Jessica C. White, Heroes & Criminal Press,

The Weather sKwirl™ on Felt&Wire

SEPTEMBER 2010 | Felt & Wire

The Weather sKwirl™ | Feedback Loop Notebook Project

fiZz and Karl Heine’s DesignerJournals™ company were among twenty-five leading designers asked to create fifty unique notebooks. We could do whatever we wanted. Our limited edition books will be sold on Felt & Wire Shop, in a special storefront, with 100% of the proceeds going to Design Ignites Change, to support their School: by Design youth mentorship program.

Also a catalyst for change, Mohawk Fine Papers donated the paper; and we could pick any stock we wanted from the Mohawk Loop paper line.

A special thanks to DesignerJournals™ for partnering with us on the production of our special edition Weather sKwirl™ notebooks.

Check them out at the Felt & Wire store here.

DesignerJournals Feedback Loop

DesignerJournals Feedback Loop

DesignerJournals Feedback Loop

The Weather sKwirl™ on MediaBistro’s Unbeige

SEPTEMBER 3, 2010 | Media Bistro Unbeige

The Weather sKwirl™ makes us proud again — on MediaBistro’s Unbeige blog.

Unbeige Header

Letterpress Printers Create Notebooks for Youth Mentoring Initiative
By Stephanie Murg

From left to right, notebooks created by Repeat Press, Smart & Wiley, and kHyal for the Feedback Loop Notebook Project
Feedback Loop

Before you wrap up your back-to-school shopping, be sure to load up on notebooks for a good cause. The Feedback Loop Notebook Project asked 25 leading leterpress printers to create 50 unique notebooks to benefit Design Ignites Change. The sky’s-the-limit design brief and the ability to choose any stock from Mohawk Fine Papers’ eco-friendly Loop line made the invitation irresistable, and printers including David Wolske (Smart & Wiley), Allison Chapman (Igloo Letterpress), Matthew Kelsey (MK Printer), and Jessica White (Heroes & Criminals Press) whipped up distinctive notebooks that will be available for purchase beginning Wednesday, September 8, at the Felt & Wire Shop. Every last cent of the $15-per-notebook price will go to support School: by Design, a Design Ignites Change and Designers Accord youth mentoring initiative that asks high school students (in collaboration with their college or professional design mentors) to “redesign your school.” Procrastinators take note: each book is a limited-run edition, so snap them up while you can—or risk getting schooled.

See it on MediaBistro’s Unbeige here.

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