kHyal chosen in MSV Public Art Competition

FEBRUARY 2010 | Main State Ventures

kHyal chosen in MSV Public Art Competition

Mural Unveiling

The Weather sKwirl™ was featured in a public art piece by kHyal™ entitled: Adventures of the Weather sKwirl™: Part I as a winner of the competition held by MainStateVentures in downtown Bridgeport, CT across from the public library at 925 Broad Street.

To read more about the project, check out the Weather sKwirl™ blog post.

The 8′ x 8′ mural was exhibited from February–May, 2010.

kHyal and Karl’s Wonderful, Colorful, Creative World

MARCH 6, 2010 | Ann Nyberg’s Network Connecticut

kHyal and Karl’s Wonderful, Colorful, Creative World

By Ann Nyberg

I promise you, you will never forget meeting kHyal and Karl Heine. This dynamic married duo is a creative force the likes of which shouldn’t be taken lightly. You name it, they can design, brand and write about it in ways that will make a logo jump off the screen, and I do mean jump.

For instance, kHyal has just launched her Weather sKwirl™ (yep trademarked) She loves everything pink and the weather, and I’m thinking this is going to get animated into a hit show (just my opinion).

kHyal (yes, this is the correct spelling of her name and by the way it’s trademarked) is 6 feet tall, a former model and trained fine artist, but that doesn’t even begin to define her. kHyal heads up her fiZz Agency (results-driven effervescent communication)

Karl, kHyal’s soul mate and confident, heads up Creative Placement in South Norwalk, Connecticut which is where I met to talk with them. Karl, as does kHyal, surrounds himself with the most creative people on the planet and puts them into companies that explode onto the scene. Does SoBe ring a bell?

Karl and kHyal are also the founders of PUSH Workshops, bringing brilliant creative minds together. I talked to the pair about their entree into the creative world and asked them what their young mile markers were. I want to help future creatives reading this to get some insight in their worlds.

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