Creativeplacement & fiZz notecards “pop” on Superfine

SEPTEMBER 25, 2009 | Mohawk Fine Papers

Creativeplacement & fiZz notecards “pop” on Superfine

fiZz and creativeplacement notecards

When fiZz Agency designers kHyal™ and Karl Heine decided to create a unique and lively set of note cards for their design communications businesses, fiZz Agency and creativeplacement, that combined their love for bright, bold colors, letterpress printing and fine papers—they turned to Mohawk and Manhattan-based Double Happiness Design.

The team printed on Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite after learning that not only does Superfine have a highly receptive printing surface perfect for corporate communications, but it is also FSC certified.  kHyal™ and Heine sought out Adrienne Wong, Double Happiness Design, for the printing process because “she is a letterpress expert, and understands our aesthetic sensibilities,” said Heine.

kHyal™ and Heine report that “the fiZz and creativeplacement notecards have been a hit with clients, and we’re already thinking up our next promotional piece to be printed on Mohawk.”

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