kHyal Featured in Pixel Benders

October 2008 | kHyal Featured in Pixel Benders

Meet Phenomenal Photographers Who Really Know How to Bend Those Pixels

Woodland kHyal

This event, called “8×8+1: Bending Pixels,” will showcase distinctive photographers each displaying 8 works that show off their artistry with digital photography and post-processing manipulation. The event will showcase Connecticut’s coolest photographers: Rich Hollant, Jim Coon, kHyal, Sonny Parlin, Dennis Barnicle, Derek Dudek, Richard Murkland, Jessica Rosario, and Juliano Barrotti!

The night’s activities will include:

  • An interactive portrait session with photographer with Rich Hollant with guests becoming part of the exhibit via slide show
  • Silent auction with a piece from each artist
  • Wine and fabulous food, along with live music performed by electronic violinist, Ben Dean!

Place: group88, 88 Hopmeadow Street, Simsbury, CT
Tickets: $30 per person; $50 per couple
All ticket proceeds will benefit the Greater Hartford Arts Council.

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